Saturday, 5 January 2013

Labelling everyday objects

I have now taken it upon myself to start labelling everyday objects around the house.  I got a little stack of post-its and away I went.  I think this is going to be extremely useful particularly for pronunciations as I'll also include the Pinyin and tone marks along with characters and English translation.  This will also be good for character recognition I think??.....I hope??.. :)  Ill see how it works out....  


  1. I like this...i thing if i had started out labeling the things i use the most in the house by now i would have known how to say everything the house...good thing to do

  2. Well this will definitely help

  3. It really is a great way to learn new words. :) Did anyone start it yet? If so be interested to hear how you are all getting on. Also if you have any other methods that work for you. Hope it all works out for you :)