Friday, 4 January 2013


Well I just signed up for the free trial of Skritter with the recent Hacking Chinese discount but I wont get a chance to really get stuck into it until later today, maybe later tonight.. could be fun after a few glasses of Vino :)  Its getting very good reviews so I'm really looking forward to trying it out.  I don't have a tablet' or iPhone so I'm relying solely on using it through my laptop or PC.

I will also be starting back at 大学/Dàxué/college next week so I need some major revision on the New Practical Chinese series.  I will use Skritter to brush up on my characters and possibly integrate this into the Character Challenge that I signed up for.

So  - college , character challenge, Skritter, revision, work and family life.

Next week I will be very busy.

我很忙 / Wǒ hěn máng / I am very busy 

This is quite a useful word and I have used it quite a lot, its particularly useful when describing your work environment etc.  It's one of the early words you learn when starting out and a very easy character t remember.



  1. Good luck with the challenge! How is Skritter going? Do you like it?

    1. Joy你好
      It's going really well thanks, im debating whether ill subscribe for the month, do you use it also? how do you find it? the character challenge has given me a good kick up the behind..exactly what I needed, did yku sign up?