Sunday, 6 January 2013

New Words

I've comprised a list of new characters that I intend to study and hopefully will be able to write.  I really enjoy writing and learning new characters and look forward to getting stuck in.  I will load them all up in a Skritter list where I will practice stroke order and pronunciations

I will also make a list for Anki which I have on my Android phone.  I find this a fantastic little program where I can study flashcards at the drop of a hat.  I just take out my phone and away I go.....happy days :)  

Example of Anki

My list of new Words

在家At home

床 - Bed

椅子 - Chair
棉被 - Quilt
梳子 - Comb
床单 - Sheet
小地摊 - Rug
衣柜 - Wardrobe
枕头- Pillow
抽屉柜 - Chest of drawers
镜子- Mirror
刷子 - Brush
灯 - Lamp
图片 - Picture
挂衣钩 - Clothes hook
电话 - Phone
楼梯 - Stairs
信 - Mail
桌子 - Table
报纸 - Newspaper
散热器 - Radiator
沙发 - Sofa
地毯 - Carpet
光盘 - CD
垫子 - Mat
收音机 - Radio
牙膏 -Toothpaste
毛巾 - Towel
淋浴 - Shower
面盆 - Basin
海绵  - Sponge
马桶  - Toilet
牙刷 - Toothbrush
手纸 - Toilet paper
水龙头 - Tap
肥皂 - Soap
浴缸 - Bathtub

I will be doing this in addition to my regular course studies where I will also be learning new words and characters but I'm going to keep the above specifically for Skritter/Anki and the character challenge I set for myself.

There's quite a nice few characters here to learn.  I have come across some of the characters before but not in the combination above.

What strikes me as amazing was how little words I knew for everyday objects, appliances furniture etc., even in this page alone I was hopeless.  I think this is where people who are immersed in the language and culture 24/7 have a distinct advantage, they become very familiar with these items and the Chinese characters very quickly.    

Anyway...back to flashcards!!!

****  I should add this is a bonus way to increase my vocabulary particularly with items that I will come into contact with everyday.  For me the real advances are achieved at the college course and that is where I believe I get the proper grammar, sentence patterns and structures.  For a beginner if you are not attending a college class or subscribed to anything on line I would definitely recommend the New Practical Chinese Reader Textbook in order to get sentence patterns and structures first. ****

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  1. I have decided to go learn Chinese in China thanks for the inspiration